the KR residence

An interior design work that showcases a captivating blend of minimalism and functionality, tailored to meet client’s preferences for a clean and easy-to-maintain space. By embracing simplicity and purposeful design, we’ve created an environment that effortlessly complements the client’s lifestyle, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Every element has been thoughtfully curated, reflecting a harmonious balance between style and usability.

  • Location: Valencia, Sg Buloh, KL
  • Type: Bungalow
  • Size: build-up approx. 4000 sqft
  • Scope: Demolition, wetwork, painting, tiling, piping, lighting, electric, carpentry, steel, glass, awning
  • Cost: approx. RM500,000
  • Style: Minimalism, Brutalism

360° site scanning

(Due to screen size limitation, click icon above to access the tour built for the existing house of the Joey Residence.)

AIDI creates an existing site tour with 360 camera instead of using conventional camera and tape to snap site photos and take measurement.