Most Innovative Interior Design Company (Malaysia)
– APAC Insider SEAsia Business Awards 2022

About aidi

There are many interior designers in Malaysia, so what makes us special?

AIDI is Malaysian first VR (Virtual Reality) Interior Design company.
We revolutionise the way interior design service is carried out.
With years of experience in the industry, we realise conventional design workflow creates problem such as

Client’s difficulty in imagining the space design
3D pictures not tally with existing site situation
Mismatch between 3D and 2D drawings
Unnecessary wastage in human, time and material resources.

In the end client receives an finished product which is not in their expectation.

Thus, AIDI develops a revolutionary solution that assists client in design understanding, construction efficiency and cost control.
A solution that is not just 3D pictures, not just 360° panoramic rendering, not just 2D drawings.
Clients walk around, jump around and even fly around in their dream house before it is even built.

Now, seeing is believing, with AIDI.

the revolutionary methodology

aidi 2 identity


Google, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. There are bunch of amazing-looking interior design pictures out there.
But nothing beats a meticulously-crafted work that represents Only You.


We are dedicated to create recognised masterpiece for our clients. And finally in year 2022, it’s our turn to be recognised. Years of fiery passion, flood of sweats and tears, they are paid off. And we hope you will be our recognising client-to-be.


When one explores the collection of works AIDI done before, one will notice every single works are unique. Although we are strong embracer in Modern Contemporary theme, we study every houses’ feature, understand every clients’ needs and preferences, then develop a unique interior concept.

We are not doing a work, we are crafting masterpiece.

let's listen to our happy customers

first spin on us

It’s the end of the webpage, but a start for our journey.

Start realising your dream house today in the new way. Contact us now and we offer a discount from your first purchase. Up to 10%, just for you. *T&C apply.

award-winning promotioN


Thanks to all trust given by you my dearest clients, AIDI has been awarded
Most Innovative Interior Design Company (Malaysia)
in SEAsia Business Awards 2022 by APAC Insider.
We would like to share the great joy with all of you.

Promotion Period: 1st June 2022 - 30th June 2022

360° site scanning

(Due to screen size limitation, click icon above to access the tour built for the existing house of the Joey Residence.)

AIDI creates an existing site tour with 360 camera instead of using conventional camera and tape to snap site photos and take measurement.